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UK Accreditation & inspection limited is an established and independent Certification body. Its main objective is to safeguard life, property and environment through quality assurance services UK Accreditation is situated at UK. Our certification services are availed by the organizations looking for solutions to the management of systems for quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system as well as food safety. Further, our services also include third-party auditing of processes and systems of any organization as well as training programs for different ISO certifications. UK Certification Services provides manufacturers and suppliers of products with services in order meet the requirements.

Our team of technicians and engineers as well as other experts from associated industries have helped us in earning consistent recognition in the industry sector. we offer a range of Certification Schemes that are focused on providing the manufacturer and supplier a pathway to meet market requirements whether they are based on regulation or customer driven.

World class expertizes:-

We associated with International Standards, We offer our clients world class insight, intelligence and expertise on a local, regional scale. We are associated with the International Standards and Practices. These insights enable our experts to provide our customers with practical advice based on best practices and foresight knowledge.

How to Get Certified?

Quotation by UK Certifications
Application by client for certification Document Review (Stage-1).
Pre-Audit (Optional).
Certification Audit (Stage-2)
Certification for 3 years (After Successful Completion of Stage-2 Audit).
Surveillance Audits.

Why management system certification?

Companies today, regardless of size, face ever increasing demands for profitability, quality, and technology that contributes to sustainable development. As a manager looking to turn these pressures into a competitive advantage, you need to develop an efficient management system tailored to your business processes and use it systematically to maintain and constantly improve your company's overall performance.

Our Mission:

To ensure the enhancement and continual improvement in the operational and quality efficiency through the value added, competitive, result oriented auditing practices to achieve international recognition for excellence of Management System Certification.To build and sustain a position of leadership by providing quality oriented certification & registration services to worldwide markets in the field of management systems and other potential areas.


We believe that the Quality of our service is paramount in terms of customer satisfaction. An element of this is the way we process your certification. Flexibility to meet your requirements is important to us, and we will process your application through to certification as fast as you require. This can be a matter of just a few weeks!


All our clients receive a firm fixed price quotation; we believe that as we are experts in our own field, we are able to determine exactly the total costs to you for the entire certification process. This does not simply detail the cost of initial certification but the total for the three year certification period; this is presented in a year-by-year format to assist with financial planning. You are therefore not left in any doubt as to the true cost of certification with International Certifications.

Our Experience:

We are owned and operated by experienced and qualified experts in Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, and Food. All of our auditors have high levels of practical experience in your type of business. This means that the assessment is carried out with balance and practical common sense.

Independent UK Certification provides value added auditing ensuring that we keep in mind that you are the customer.

There are 6 principles of UKCERT are:

The structure of UKCERT has been established to fully meet international accreditation standards and national legal requirements and this is achieved by the following principles;

a) Competence
b) Impartiality,
c) Openness,
d) Responsibility,
e) Confidentiality,
f) Responsiveness to complaints,