ISO 15001-1:2004

ORGANIC Certifications for Organic Food Products and Organic Agriculter :-

The organic food is very much in demand nowadays. The consumers now want only the best for them and their family as the scientific researches suggests that the organic food is better for health. The suppliers of the organic food products need to ensure that they provide the best quality food products to the customs as it is directly related to their health. The regulatory authorities are also very strict regarding the quality and processing of the food products. The manufacturers need ensure that they follow all the quality standards related to the food products so that best quality of delivered to the consumers. The Organic certification is one such standard certification that deals with the organic food products and agricultural products. Any business that is indulged in the supply of organic food can apply for the organic certificate and can receive it.

The organic accreditation is beneficial for both suppliers as well as the consumers. The benefit to the consumers is that they get best quality organic food products that are best for their health. On the other hand, the suppliers get benefitted by passing the Organic certification process as the certification helps in establishing a very efficient management system for the products as well as the raw materials which ensures best quality maintenance in the facility where the food is processed or packaged. There are many different Organic certification requirements that must be fulfilled by the food companies that are involved in the business of organic food products such as shipping, growing, processing, packaging, storage and others. Here are some of the requirements for certification.

1. There should be no artificial additives used in the food products.
2. Genetically modified seeds should not be used.
3. The farming should be free from any chemical inputs.
4. Written records of production as well as sales must be kept.
5. The organic and inorganic materials and products should be kept strictly separate.

Although the organic certified foods are not always free from any pesticides but they are almost free from any of the harmful chemicals and helps in staying healthy. When you are planning to go for organic certification, Brilliant Certificationcan provide the best certification for organic food products. We have a state of the art testing laboratory that gives accurate testing of the products and hence is also helpful, in enhancing the quality of the products. We have a very smooth and hassle free certification process at best Organic certification cost.